Feb 9, 2012

bless the computer gremlins!

My email is working again!!
My internet issues have been corrected (well, I don't want to jinx it but all is working well!). I had to ditch Teksavvy and sign up with Mornington Communications and everything went well with them from the start!! What a relief!! Needless to say, if you are having port issues, it may not be you!!
So, now I've been spending a lot of time catching up with my email and editing my websites to completely get rid of woosel@total.net. This email address will cease to exist very soon, please use woosel[at]scratchingatthewindow.com.

My Saturday was spend on all this, but I did get to my bear on Sunday. She's got all her darts sewn up and I'm starting on her body parts. The warm caramel brown mohair is super nice to work with, and so far so good.

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