Feb 2, 2012

February is here, ACK!

Even though I haven't been doing what I wanted to do artistically, I have been engaged creatively. I've been catching up with 2 years worth of photos and enjoying laying them into albums. (Reminder to self: don't get so far behind again!) Also, I've sent off my handmade miniature Valentine to my one true love. He happens to be a troll who lives in Tennessee (I'm not joking, he IS a troll). Here's his Valentine:

The front... and inside...

(You can find Lou the Candy Troll's picture at http://www.thefiligree.com/gallery/filigree-newspaper-photos/ Have fun!)

Other projects I'd REALLY like to finish: my papier mache pumpkin:

and this necklace. I bought it 2 years ago but it's poorly balanced and needs some sort of weight to be added near the bottom. I have a bead which should work well... Maybe this weekend?!

(Wow, what dry hands!!)
Instead of making a Krampus cookie cutter from scratch, I thought perhaps to bend a pre-made cookie cutter (like this one) into the right shape. First, I have to design the shape and cut it from a solid material, wood I think.

Oh, and I had a very nice birthday.


  1. Happy belated Birthday <3 Hope it was a creepy gory day for you :)


  2. Thank you, Melanie! I had to work in the morning and do a Babytime program, so while not gory it was creepy, in its own way! ;}