Jul 22, 2012

The ultimate accessory: bats!

I have new bat-head brooches!
These are 2 of my Short-Tailed Fruit Bats.  Just like Lil Drac who lives at Bat World Sanctuary, these little brooches have a somewhat diamond shaped nose flap, expressive ears and bright black eyes.  Unlike Lil Drac, they're made of mohair, ultrasuede and safety-lock eyes, and you can have one!

And here's my Honduran White Bat!  As you can see when comparing him with the bat in the photo, he's a pretty accurate replica of these beautiful white bats.

And these two don't represent any particular species, they're just darn cute.  Each pin is unique and has an ultrasuede nose that I've twisted, folded, tinted and stitched to create the shapes you see. 

Want one?  Write to me:  woosel[at]scratchingatthewindow.com

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