Aug 26, 2012

Lazy days...

One week in an air-conditioned cabin a 5-minute drive from the Pinery Provincial Park... this was our set-up for a lazy week of walking on the dog beach, hiking trails, sitting by the fire and enjoying the art of slowing it down. 

Mom built some incredible camp fires; lucky for us there was enough rain that the fire-ban was lifted.  While we were mesmerized by the dancing flames, we also took time to notice the bats flying overhead, although there were very few.  Also, we needed hard-hats:  oak trees have nuts and squirrels were hurling them down at sunset!  That's Willow looking up wondering where the bombs are coming from!
 For food, we brought along all easy-to-prepare things, and made-at-home salads.  Of course, this was supplemented with Pinery sweet potato fries and ice cream!
Relaxing... it really is an art.  I felt sorry for the people with their cell-phones and computers in the Park.     

On our last day we had a lovely sunset, and a gentleman stood in the water playing his bagpipes to the sinking sun!  What a sweet end to our vacation!

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