Aug 9, 2012

Never too early for Hallowe'en!

I'm sure you don't want to hear this but: there's only 86 days or so before Hallowe'en!  Last weekend Mom and I got our regular stuff done and then took a day to work on our cemetery props.  We're both very excited to have been invited to put our graveyard up in Elora, Ontario, for the Scare Fair weekend, October 19-21.  Thank you Julie and Tim for including us in your spooky fun, we're so looking forward to Monster Month!   
Here I am painting tombstones.  The rat (and other images) were "burned" into the styrofoam using black spray paint.  And I was THRILLED later on when Mom pulled down the welding torch and we discovered that it does indeed melt the foam so I can do all the lettering with this tool!  Awesome!!!   

And here's Mom resurrecting our Corpse Bride.  This Bride was on our lawn a few years ago but vandals forced us to take her in and we didn't use her again... until now!  Mom created a very sturdy neck and shoulders while still having access to the on/off switch at the base of the skull (which lights up).  The gown is indeed a real one, her spine is a stem from a Christmas tree, the base is an umbrella stand.  She still needs a veil and flowers, and white gloves, but we're well on our way!

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