Jun 22, 2013

Getting colder?

Vacation photos shortly (there are only about 1400 and that's not including the 2000 or so my sister took!).  

In the meantime, while on the plane, I read "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion and was thoroughly impressed.  The author very effectively equates being apathetic to being like a zombie and his zombie apocalypse was created by a human world gone numb.  In his view, our society is slowing dying due to human indifference...  will we wake up in time?  I hope so...

Here's someone else's review, well said, "I believe this book is really reality-based as most Americans are zombies today. Yes, few Americans can comprehend any written material other than zombie books (and the infrequent paranormal romance, or magical-type books). Zombie is as zombie does, which accurately captures the "American spirit" or willful ignorance of today."  (quoted from here)

As far as indifference goes, I am absolutely NOT indifferent to this advertisement that apparently airs on Russian TV.  WOW!  If we got to see ads like this one, I might actually watch TV!

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