Jan 29, 2014

2014 reboot!

January 31st is Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year as we enter the Year of the Horse!
And if you were flaundering about after Januray 1st and need to reboot the year, this is a great opportunity to relaunch 2014.


How about making Spring Rolls for the occassion?  Here's a recipe and instructions (although I'm going to blend this information with my friend Tammi's recipe because her's are awesome!).

And instead of a horse I have a donkey for the year.  Yes, this photograph of a donkey ended up in my yard on a blustery, nasty cold day.  I imagine he escaped from a recycle bin and managed to hop the fence... anyway, of course I brought him inside to warm up and he's now my companion for the year.  Donkeys are supposed to be more sure-footed, calmer and intelligent than horses, so I welcome his joining me on what may be a bumpy ride.  Onward! 

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