Jan 20, 2014

3 on the way

This is the scene in my studio the last few days!  My 3 Day of the Dead bears are coming together!  In this first photo most of the machine sewing is done and I'm working on the foot pads, which I always do by hand to get just the right curvature.

And here, after the feet are finished, the noses are being worked on.  This is my first time working on multiple bears at once and I have to say it's easier than doing them singly.  Especially with the noses, I started on one and it was tough, then I began the second and it was easier and then the third was stitch-stitch-stitch and it was done!

And once the noses are on their way, I put in eyes to get a real feel for what was going right and what needed work (like those darn noses).  After trying colored eyes and different sizes, all 3 went for black 9mm, which will help make them have a more uniform look and together they will sit as a mini collection. 

This will be Spiro, Angelina and Samuel!

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