Mar 3, 2014

Suffocatingly slow... but progress!

I thought this would be a good Winter for the bears but they always seem to get bumped, it really makes me question my devotion to making critters... I started these three in December and they are still not finished, although they are finally ready to have their papier maché masks made!  

Instead of attaching their heads to their bodies, I've decided to keep them separate (so they can't get damaged by dribbling glue), inserting their neck rods into boxes.  This way I can work on the masks better and have them dry in a safe way.  

Mosel, the completed white bear, is also getting a mask.  This way I can use the three best and experiment on one of them.   

No, they don't like being wrapped in Saran Wrap so maybe this will motivate me to hurry up!

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