Mar 9, 2014

The bear in the paper mask

Papier maché is... gooey.   It also strips all the moisture from your skin, so my hands are really flaky now, ick... Anyway, here is Mosel and Samuel getting their masks. As you can see, I tried to layer the paper in different ways on these first two attempts, I think Samuel's was the better option.

  Of course I left eye-holes and luckily the glue seems to dry pretty fast so the bears weren't trapped for too long (although I turned on an extra little heater and closed the door after finishing).

Once the glue dried, and because the bear's heads are soft and protected by Sarah Wrap, it was easy to remove the masks, which are surprisingly strong.  
I then began to trim them with really sharp scissors, opening up the eye holes and shaping the edges.  I'll need to do some more gooey maché before finishing the mask with tissue paper.  

(Thank you, Tammi, for the expert advice!  Much appreciated!)

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