Aug 12, 2014

Captain, oh my Captain!

I can't believe Robin Williams is dead, and that he killed himself in such a terrible fashion.  I've loved him since his Mork and Mindy days and he seemed like such a Teddy bear, to think he was so sad with no one who could reach him... In high school I had a friend and one night after a dance show her boyfriend broke up with her and she said she would kill herself that night.  I made her promise me that no matter what she would wait until the next day, she had to promise to see me the next day at school and if she still felt she had to kill herself I wouldn't stop her but she had to wait until morning.  She promised.  And time, tears and sleep removed the cutting edge.  Where were Robin's friends?  Was there no one who could make you promise to wait until morning?  Of course, yours was a long battle, and now that demonic sadness is washing over the land.  So sorry you're gone, Robin, sleep sweet.  And thank you.


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