Aug 3, 2014

Consider the lemming

Definitely ennui.  Hell is repetition, as far as I'm concerned.  Mind you, I can do many repetitive tasks but there's always a goal and the pleasure of finishing.  Not so when your job has become endless repetition with no carrot in sight and only the thank you of a pay cheque.  
(the above poem is from Consider the Lemming by Jeanne Steig, illustrated by William Steig)

So, continuing the story, what to do?  I very seriously considered creating my own dog treat business, investigating the farmer's market and other places my treats could be sold.  But then Mom said, "What about a bed and breakfast?" which was the original plan 11 years ago before I got my safe and comfy job.  I love to bake, we both enjoy a very clean home, we know what we like in a B&B, I'm uber organized, Mom's super capable with home repairs, we know all about excellent customer service, we have the determination... why shouldn't we succeed?  And so the ball was set in motion and started racing down the hill:  in 4 months time we went from boring to thrilling and what a wild adventure it was!  Previously I posted about our tick experience: well, that was while we were hunting for a B&B in Prince Edward County.  We also hunted around Leamington and Rondeau Provincial Park, but this area is very flat and business seems very seasonal and the winters must be very lonely.  So we narrowed our search and saw a lot of places but there was always something crucial missing.  It was becoming a little discouraging and then, finally.... but I'll continue in the next post!  : }  

~~to be continued~~

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