Mar 31, 2015

Desperation is the mother of inventiveness

So, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that with our move to Elora I gave up my studio space.  Our B&B is a huge house but it's mostly for the guests... I do, however, have a large bedroom which includes my big studio desk and had to think, think, think like Pooh Bear to try and find some way to have my art supplies and projects in-the-works on hand.  What to do?  

While at HomeSense and Michaels I was oogling the pretty boxes and the idea hit me:  why not put feet on boxes like this and slide them under the bed!?  Couldn't afford these fancy boxes though, so a trip to the Dollar-or-More store scored us these great boxes!  

I glued on little wooden feet so air can circulate under the boxes.

In the end there are 8 storage boxes, 4 each of the 2 different sizes (the feather pattern ones stack nicely on top of each other)....

...under my bed!  Each is labelled with its project and I can now find and get to whatever I want when I want... not that I have the time but the possibility now exists!!  

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