Mar 16, 2015

Dining room Danby

It is with sadness and nostalgia that we announce the passing of our bar fridge.  This sweet little mini fridge, seen on the far left of this photo of our dining room, froze everything in it solid when its thermostat died.  (Yogurt, when frozen and then thawed, is pretty yucky!)

The company, Woods, is no longer in existence and no replacement part could be found.  How old was it?  Well, it was bought when my grandmother moved into a nursing home, so about 1995.  It had a good, long life...

So we hunted for a new mini fridge for our guests and found Elmira Home Comfort and their huge collection of "scratch and dent" items!  We selected a Danby, which actually has more room for our guests' food and beverages, a nice advantage as the Woods was a bit small.

Long live the new fridge!  

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