Jul 27, 2015

Doors Open 2015

Doors Open on June 20th gave us a sneak peek into the Elora Mill, what a treat!  This four story behemoth is being brought back to life by Pearl Hospitality.  

"The first Elora Mill was built in 1833 and has had a colourful history of burning down, and being rebuilt. In the 1970s, the building was renovated into a hotel. 'It has historically failed as a hotel for a number of reasons,' project manager Brian Blackmere said. 'Obviously the Elora Mill never had adequate parking. It was one of its downfalls.'"(from a Wellington Advertiser article). 
 Plans to resurrect the hotel include parcels of the land on the other side of the Grand, and bringing back the Victoria Street Bridge as a pedestrian-only bridge!

What we really appreciated, though, was seeing the interior of this great old building with all the exposed beams and stone walls.  They plan to leave as much as possible bare so this is really going to be something to see when it's completed!

The added bonus was getting to see the Grand River as it flows outside the windows!  

Wow, what a roar from the waters!  Made us wonder how anyone could sleep here!

Further on, towards what will become the new spa, there were also great water views:

  Getting to see things in progress and wander the grounds was really helpful in envisioning what this great project will accomplish.  Watch for next year's Doors Open to see what opportunities for "behind the scenes" peeks will be made available!

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