Oct 14, 2015

Tally Ho 2015

Our Horse and Hound Parade took place on October 4th on an overcast Sunday, but that only made it better for taking photos.  Here's a good little write-up in our local paper, the Elora/Fergus News Express.

The parade started at the old, empty Elora Mill where the people could interact with the horses, riders and all the magnificent hounds.

And they made a grand spectacle coming down Geddes Street.  Don't they look striking?  And our house is almost in this photo:  do you see at the top of the hill a white sign and a grey car with a bit of a tilt?  Our house is right there, beside the grey car.  

Of course, you can't have an event like this without the essential poop patrol (the good boys of our local Home Hardware).  Folks just aren't used to the horse poop any more, when of course back in the day horses were the mode of transportation.

For me, it's all about the hounds, how well behaved they are and how they move as a pack.  They say the horses and hounds still run after coyotes.

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