Nov 5, 2018

Goodnight, goodnight

Our Hallowe'en season came to a close with two beautiful events.  Although it rained almost all the time, it didn't spoil the spirit! 

Every year our Day of the Dead ofrenda is something we truly enjoy creating.  We keep it simple but special...

and the pups definitely wanted to taste test!

That same evening we drove out to the Wellington County Museum and Archives for their first ever Pumpkin Parade!  I loved the parades in Stratford (where we used to live) so it was wonderful of the Museum to take on the task and start what I hope will be an annual tradition.  

It truly was a dark and dreary, rainy night...

We'd dropped off our pumpkin earlier so we knew there were about 80 pumpkins at least...

Turns out they received around 150!

And they were beautifully arranged!  The stone walls along the walkway were lit by pumpkin light...

The grand original entrance was decorated...

(This deep water pumpkin-fish was my favorite!) 

And all the way down the hill along the pathway pumpkins were placed with care.

And I found my pumpkin after some searching!  There he was, on the main path towards the hot chocolate and dry patch under the stairs.  

Thank you to the Museum staff for creating this magical end to a thrilling October!  We loved it, and if a rainy. miserable night brings out 150 pumpkins, imagine the scene on a lovely, dry evening!  We look forward to 2019!

PS  And we had a Witches’ Dance here, in Fergus, on October 27th!  I only heard about it afterwards, but found a YouTube!    What fun!

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