Feb 21, 2011

Midsummer's birthday!

I spent most of Sunday creating Midsummer's head. I can't believe it took 5 hours to do his nose, mouth, ears and eyes! The nose went beautifully, but was complicated as the embroidery floss changed colors too often, away from the pinks I wanted. The mouth took three tries. The eyes... poor bear tried on so many eyes before he settled on the 10mm amber glass eyes. And the ears... I re-stitched them this morning as I thought they weren't on tight enough.

Well, today by contrast went smoothly! Whip, stitch, snip! And his legs were on, then his arms! Lastly his head! By about 5:00pm he was born, just in time to snap a photo before dinner! I need to take some better photos, but here he is, Happy Birthday Midsummer! He looks a lot like his brothers and sisters and can stand on his own.
So, what do you think?

And don't forget this is Freedom to Read week! We take for granted a lot of our freedoms, including to read what others have to say: be mindful that this isn't so in many countries. Appreciate your Freedom to Read!

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