Feb 24, 2011

The Un-fun stuff

I'm so happy that Midsummer was born still in February, as that gives me time to do some un-fun but necessary things, like my accounting, and the (ugh) annual taxes. (Sigh.) I'm guessing the business taxes will take a day, but it's really just meticulous and detailed, not difficult.

And then there's some mending that needs to be done, and some other maintenance things. Ah well... The ratties are itching to be worked on, but so far they haven't been too impatient!

Also, I have to nail down the necessary paperwork to go to the Philly show! I have not been able to find anyone knowledgeable about this, who can say "here are the steps you need to take". Nor anything concrete online. I have a few contacts I need to pursue... Does anyone know the exact legal steps to take to go from Canada into the US to sell art and then return with the unsold items? Anyone?

Yes, being an artist involves lots of un-artsy stuff!!!! I wish it was all fun and creativity...

In the meantime, I have spent some late hours on the computer finding new animated gifs for the Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat! Yes, only 249 days to go to Hallowe'en, time's a flying!!!

And what's this? A new follower?? Is that you, KIM!!! Have the faeries once again returned you to our realm!? The email I have for you must be junk, so please do send me word that you're still alive! Yippy!

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