Mar 1, 2011

Well, the weekend was spent on lots of necessary activities that rounded out the end of (gulp!) February! Mom was able to spot the mistake I'd made in my business taxes FINALLY, so that's squared away! THANK YOU, MOM!!!

Tammi Beaulieu invited us to Cambridge on Sunday to feed the chickadees, a very tasty lunch out and a shopping trip through a favorite, Len's Mill! The chickadees actually landed in our hands to pick up sunflower seeds, it was magical on a gray, warmish-wet day. And Len's Mill had Hallowe'en stuff, left-overs I guess but new to me! What a treat! Thank you, Tammi!

Today I cleaned house and then updated the Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat's poster and bookmarks! 2011 here we come! Only 244 days to Hallowe'en, after all! Also I'm fiddling with Google translator, which I think will be very helpful on the site as we're trying to get a more international audience (and artists). It translates funny, as we can read the German and the French, but not too bad.

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