Mar 24, 2011

Mad March

I suppose blogging to me is like journal-ing, unfortunately very sporadic!

Thursday already... we did get the show table all set up and everyone arranged the way we like, and so now there are tags to make and paperwork... I have printed and cut 250 Hallowe'en Studio Tour bookmarks to hand out, and Bat Conservation International sent me 100 of their nifty circular bat stickers!

Also the rats' incisors look impressive and while at first I feared they were too big, they seem to be just about right. A very different look for my rats, they will be more rodent-like, less whimsical. I hope to work on the heads this weekend.

I have taken some time to read, a rare and much enjoyed treat! This gloomy faerie is from the back cover of Book One: Kin of "The Good Neighbors" graphic novel series (by Holly Black and illustrated by Ted Naifeh). She very much captures the dark mood of the past weeks, with Japan's nuclear disaster looming over everything...

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