Mar 17, 2011


Last Friday we were whacked with snow! Thick, heavy, wet stuff... it was one of the worst storms of the year, leaving a thick, lumpy ice on the roads that made it feel like all 4 tires were flat on the car!

Today: we have robins!!! LOTS of them! All of a sudden, and it sounds SO GOOD! I love robins...

I'm so late in writing here, I have to apologize... The weekend did see all the machine sewing get finished and the rats' teeth have been made! Also, the table has been set up... a 6' table is kinda small. I'm going to have to leave behind the swans and the blue dragon, so if you wanted to meet a swan or Pool, let me know! Otherwise they won't be coming along!

I would like to share this exceptional rat that Tammi found on eBay and shared with me: this rat is by artist Julie Mansergh and my heart went pitter-pat when I saw it! Wow! Unfortunately Julie's hands are full, but she says perhaps one day she will make another ratty...

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