Mar 5, 2011

Midsummer by moonlight

I knew, when I chose the black mohair, that Midsummer would be hard to photograph but yicks! Lighting him properly is nearly an impossibility, at least with my limited equipment. But here he is... any brighter photos wash out the colors in his nose. Well, doesn't he look like he's bathed in moonlight?

I'd like to point out that he has joints in all his limps, and a wired neck for great pose-ability (like that sweet head tilt). Also, glass beads fill his feet so he can stand nicely on his own.

Black mohair
Rose, plum red, dusty rose and mauve mohair swatches
Amber glass eyes
Black, mauve and variegated berry embroidery flosses
Painted mohair tuffs (in his ears)
Glass beads and polyester fiberfill
Disc joints
Faux raspberry branch

Total cost = about $36.00 in raw materials. So what is a fair adoption fee? Again, there's always the question of what labour is worth...

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