Feb 16, 2011

Raspberries by moonlight

Midsummer, a black mohair bear, needed something different, something new. I was putting away a supply catalog when I came across (well, they fell out on me!) bags of samples from Intercal, Edinburgh Imports and other companies... and there were so many lovely colors I would never buy: greens, blues, yellows, and... purples with lovely names like "Old Rose". From somewhere (where does inspiration come?) I thought why not give him purple paws, as if the berry juice had stained them? Why not 4 different purples? And so Midsummer Eating Raspberries by Moonlight with the Faeries now has purply mohair paw pads, to go along with a pinkish nose! Sadly, the Pearl cotton I wanted to use is very red and doesn't go with the paws, so it will wait (again!) for some other critter.

And after making so many complicated ladies and critters, Midsummer is flying together! So easy, so simple, in comparison to pesky darts and claws and wires! I'm very much enjoying the birthing process, I'd forgotten... plus "The Green Mile" book on CD is really making everything run so smoothly!

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