Apr 24, 2011

Come on in...

...to my studio. So, what does an artist's studio look like? Well, in my case it's kinda cramped quarters, with too much "stuff" and too little workspace! Good lighting but over stimulation galore! I stole some very precious getting-ready-for-the-show time to re-organize some of my studio space to allow for "critters in progress" shelves, a much needed open area where projects in the works could comfortably wait and be reached when the mood hits! You can see the nearly empty long shelf on the bottom and the quarter round shelves to the left of the desk. Yippy!

Here's my ever helpful Willow, wondering what I'm up to with the camera and here is the (extremely over-crowded) closet of possibilities! Do I need more mohair or what?!


  1. I love seeing other artsist's workshops! It looks like you have a wonderful space and a great helper!

  2. Loved looking around, thanks for the piccies :) Oh my gosh, have I found someone who has as many "toys" as I do ;) hehe