Apr 4, 2011

On a cloud!

I have amazing news! The Maple Leaf Doll Club will be hosting it's Doll Show this year!!! Yippy! Since 2008 it's been missing, but now they have a new location which can hold 50 artists/exhibitors and they're ready to go! How exciting! This area of Ontario has so much talent and incredible art in the doll and "Teddy" field, it's really wonderful to have this show back again! September 11th, be there! For details, visit my shows page. (The picture is from the 2008 event.)

This weekend saw Cere's feet come together, here's a picture. This is slow and careful work, but so much fun! I love seeing the Fimo claws line up properly and "come to life"! I had to switch out a few claws as I went along due to size, imbedded dust, etc... but that's why there must always be extras! The wires will make him poseable right down to his toes!

Lastly, this weekend was Stratford's Swan Parade weekend with lots of swan-related events. To top it all off, my swans were on view in two places: at the public library and at the Lyrical Goddess poetry event hosted by Gallery 96 and part of the "Goddess: the Art of She Within We" week-long celebration. All a little bit last minute, I was none the less welcomed by the organizing committee of three incredible ladies, Lucinda Jones, Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick and Cairenn Russelo and given a wonderful opportunity to show my work as "instillation art" (as one lady put it) right on the stage! The poetry and readings that stirred the air that afternoon were powerful, magical and heart-felt, it was an experience! And it reminded me of the Goddess and how I used to be more connected and open to such experiences... ah, twice bitten, thrice shy! But perhaps there is room to grow new wings...

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  1. Thank You for participating Karen -- we were Honoured to include your work :-)

    ~ Cairenn ~