Apr 11, 2011

Out in the garden--back soon

I have two completely finished rat legs and 2 partially finished... not as far along as I'd hoped but... it's Spring! We were in the garden! It was so hot on Sunday we had ice cream outside! It was wonderful! And I had to take care of my roses, which still need to be sprayed with lime-sulpher to kill blackspot. This preventative seems to help, and it's environmentally friendly, although stinky!

I have finally finished moving the FaerieCon part of my website to a new space, thereby freeing up ad-free space for the Online Hallowe'en Tour. If you never have, check out our FaerieCon experience of November 2009 in Baltimore, MD. It was really magically, I hope some time soon to go again.

And finally a little Easter to get you in the mood. What, Easter? Yes, I do celebrate the other seasons as well, and the Easter eggs ARE black, made that way using chalkboard paint! (PS Hallowe'en is less than 200 days away!!!)

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