Apr 7, 2012

But my body, my body... that's your job

Continuing with the gruesome fascination with the Titanic and her doomed maiden voyage, reading about all the circumstances leading up to the tragedy is like going down a checklist of all the things NOT to do and checking them off! Wow! (Some writers are equating this to our current total disregard to what we're doing to the planet!)

So, what about the dead? Bodies were fished out of the ocean to be identified and brought to land or buried at sea. Individuals were identified by the objects found on them, including monographed handkerchiefs and engraved jewelry. Obviously, many of the 3rd class passengers could not be identified in this way and were simply dumped back into the icy waters.

A good website for information is http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/ where you can look up individual names, if the person survived, what lifeboat the person was on, etc...

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