Jan 18, 2013

Not so shabby Shaggy Bear

So here we are: this is Shaggy a little while ago, an Emily Farmer kit gifted to me and started about 15 years ago... I think his name should be Patience!!!

I don't remember why I stopped, probably because of eye-strain! These little bears are very hard on the eyes.  I have more and more respect for all the incredible artists who work in miniature!  By the way, the kit is really nice and if you want to try one visit Emily here.
And here we are last Monday:  ted now has completed arms and legs and the head is coming along very nicely, quite a sweet fellow!  One ear is done... and then I ran out of time, light and eye-ball power!  So, as we stand on the starting line of a new weekend I hope to give birth! 
  Even though this little one is not my own design, it's been wonderful to work on a furry critter again and remind myself how much I enjoy it, and successfully do a face which I always approach with a lump of dread in my throat. 
  Have a great weekend and I hope you get to do something creative and fun too!!!

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