Jan 6, 2013

Off-line and loving it!

I've been without internet at home since Friday, Dec. 28th and hope to be hooked up again Jan. 9th.  It's a matter of not informing all involved companies (and not knowing that I needed to contact them) when switching from one phone provider to the other!  Ooops!  Who knew!?  Not us...
  ANYWAY, I've been without access to the web from home and on withdrawal... and then realizing what freedom I've been granted!  What a gift!!!  It's amazing how poorly I managed my time and how the computer somehow stole itself such a high priority on my list of things to do.  So now that I have been made aware of how things can be, there will be much more balance in my days.  And you should see how tidy and organized my work spaces are!  I went through and put away 4 years worth of Hallowe'en Studio Tour papers, all my bat information and all my Hallowe'en printouts are organized and sorted into categories!  Potentially I could FIND what I seek now, wow! 
  Also, we dived into sorting photographs to be printed and placed into albums, all of 2012.  It feels great to review the year in this fashion, all the new things we took part in and places we visited. 
  Anyway, I have to keep this short, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  and do yourself a favour:  turn off the computer!!! 

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