Jan 26, 2013

reaching Port

I finished the mini Emily Farmer bear!  After about 15 years, "Port" was finally born! 
He doesn't look so much like Emily's version but he sure is cute.  I'm pretty sure the bear in the photo has longer fur for starters and try as I might my bear insisted on being unique...
I also added a tail with scraps of left-over fabric.  Finally, my Port is jointed on all 5 points, I just couldn't make him in a fixed position or use ordinary string jointing so I used washers and strong plastic beads to devise a very sturdy and more mobile string joint in his arms and neck.  The legs got full screw-and-nut-joints.
He's named Port because I was listening to The Watch that Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic by Allan Wolf while making him.  Boy, did it ever make the hours pass quickly!  An incredibly well-read book with multiple readers, this new version of the Titanic's only voyage is told by about 17 characters in the first person, very personal and touching.  The author was as historically accurate as possible, keeping to the facts while fleshing out the lives of his chosen voices.  The most unusual character is one of the ship's rats and the most beautifully and imaginatively wrought is the iceberg!  Yes, the ice is given a voice and it's incredible the beauty and calm relentless poetry it weaves with its words.  The entire book is like a poem but the ice is perfection!  I highly recommend this book on CD. 
 So Port is named so because finally the survivors reach their port in New York, their journey is completed.  And so is Port! 

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