Oct 23, 2013

Feeding the monster

Every year I splurge and get one or two Hallowe'en magazines.  This year, for my money, I went with the Taste of Home: Halloween Special.  (I saw the Martha Stewart and I have all of her previous Hallowe'en specials but this year's issue didn't have anything for me.)

There's a nice article called "Spooktacular Sips" on Hallowe'en beverages, something I don't have many ideas about, but the winning feature was a Day of the Dead party!

Here are two recipes from the issue to make your own Day of the Dead celebration:

And then here are two pizza ideas, proving that even if you have no time you can make something spooky just using your cookie cutters!

And for dessert?  How about eerie white bone cookies?  Or spider-webbed treats?  Nothing says love like a gorgeous box of gifted sweets... or human body parts.  Body parts are good too.

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