Oct 26, 2013

On the other hand...

... we Canadians adapt.  From 10:00 to noon today in our local mall there was a trick or treat and activities for the kiddies.  So on a rainy, snowy (again!) morning the kiddies wore their lovely costumes and trick or treated up and down the mall in comfort.  There was a princess, a turtle, a faery, a pirate, a shark!!, Ironman, a black cat, etc...  Mom and I went to see what a success it was and were absolutely delighted that the little ones got to enjoy a warm, dry, totally fun Hallowe'en trick or treat, with a craft area too where they made little decorated trick or treat bags. 
  The shop owners seemed to be pretty excited too, standing in their doorways with all manner of treats, some were even dressed up!  It was a Happy pre-Hallowe'en to be sure! 
  This lovely display was in the Credit Union shop, isn't it boo-tiful!  Bravo!

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