Oct 25, 2013

Really scary!

In Canada, sometimes you can make snowmen for Hallowe'en!  Doesn't that suck!?  And wear your snowsuit under your Hallowe'en costume... sigh.  It snowed yesterday, REALLY snowed, not just a sugar sprinkle.

  At one point, it was slushing from the sky, huge sloppy blobs... It still hasn't all melted away, although by around 5:00pm today most of it was gone.  We had 7C but the darn stuff won't melt!!!  Ack!!! 

It just does NOT go with my Hallowe'en decor!!! 

Sigh.  Willow seemed to like it. 


  1. You're telling me... the spider webs around the neighbourhood are all mushy and clumpy and the tombstones are down.