Dec 4, 2013

Better be good!

Merry Krampus Night!  
December 5th is Krampus Night, when the old fertility demon-turned-St Nic's buddy comes clumping into town to lay his switches on any deserving, naughty children!

Here's a very cute little video and song to tell you all about it: 

All together now! 

The Krampus Song by Jordan Dobbs Rosa

Every year on Christmas Eve
Children fear his name
He looks a lot like Beelzebub
But they are not the same
He travels 'round with Santa Claus
St. Nick ain't his friend
He comes from the northern Alps
Of rural Switzerland
Because he's Krampus, Krampus,
I'm telling you all about Krampus
Krampus, Krampus,
Swing your birch switch high

With matted fur and sheep's horns
Frankly dear he smells
Accompanied by the melody
Of rusty chains and bells

He'll scoop you up and throw you in
His nasty burlap sack
He rears back with a cane and switch
And takes a Yuletide whack

Krampus, Krampus,
Don't you know about Krampus?
Krampus, Krampus,
Swing your birch switch high

No X-Box games... or candy canes
Made of peppermint
He brings the pain of another cane:
Corporal punishment

So if the kids misbehave you'll do well to remember
To don the garb of Krampus on the 5th of December
(That's the traditional day for us to celebrate)
Krampus, Krampus
Look out kids he's Krampus
Krampus, Krampus,
Swing your birch switch high

Krampus, Krampus,
He's the anti-Santi Krampus
Krampus, Krampus,
Swing your birch switch high

Merry Krampus everybody!

Of course, in the Alpine regions, they have Krampus Night where you REALLY do need to watch out!  You can read someone's Krampus experience by clicking here.  

This awesome image is by Brian Leblancart.

I know I'd like to send Krampus to a few houses... Anyway, we've got a bundle of switches on our front door to welcome Krampus and will be celebrating.  
So Merry Krampus Night everyone!  

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