Dec 10, 2013

The bats at Salthaven

Isn't he gorgeous?!  This is the bat we rescued on November 25th, Megan was kind enough to photograph the wee fellow, a Big Brown, who is now feeding himself and being housed with another male.   

Here's another stunning photograph of a bat rehabiliated at Salthaven earlier this year, so handsome!

And here is a Hoary Bat that was also in Salthaven's care.  Look at that face, what a cute smile!

Don't know what to get that hard-to-gift someone on your Xmas list?  Consider gifting a sponsorship for the care of a rescued bat, or an eagle, or a fawn or an injured owl.  Just visit Salthaven's Critter Care page to see all the neat things this sponsorship will deliver to your loved one, along with the knowledge that you're saving members of your chosen species!  What an awesome gift! 

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