Dec 30, 2013

Mad world

Sigh... my Holidays are almost over.  I did manage to read a book, after all!  It was a children's book with lots of pictures but it was an entire book and it was EXCELLENT! 
"A Coyote Solstice Tale" is the story of Coyote and his friends getting together to celebrate and a little human girl showing up, having fled the horror of Holiday madness.  The animals are introduced to her world and then return to the safety of the forest.  Beautifully told in rhyme, this meaningful story is very relevant to our times and clearly outlines the crazy consumerism that's ruining the Holiday.  I highly recommend sharing this story with your loved ones.

We also saw "The Purge", which turned out to be much better and far more thought-provoking than I had hoped.  We were in Los Angeles for Hallowe'en and could have gone to "The Purge" walk-through attraction but were turned off by the violence.  Well, the movie was far more meaningful and interesting, but of course very violent (although NOT gory).  It  speaks about apathy and indifference and how people ignore the things that are very wrong all around them until they're forced to confront them.  Creepy and uncomfortable, definitely watch the extra "making of" featurette to start the discussion going!

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