Nov 17, 2014

A Tale of Two Chairs

In hoping to acquire some vintage pieces for our bed and breakfast, Mom and I have taken up hunting through the local antique markets.  St. Jacobs has two excellent places to wander through, the St. Jacobs Antiques Market and Market Road Antiques.  Since we purchased our new home and business in May but only got it in August, we had a lot of time to dream... and wait.  So back on June 10th, in Market Roads Antiques, we spotted these two chairs. 

They were refinished (maybe they were even white at one time judging from the white paint on the wood under the seat), reupholstered and had a few nicks and notches, and were a little low for chairs with the seat at about 16 1/2 inches.  Still, we really liked the wood, the fabric and the shape of the chairs and they felt good but they were $85 each and we really didn't know where we'd put them or what table we could pair them with so we left them behind.

In August we saw the chairs again, still waiting for the next phase of their life to begin.  And on Sept. 20th, we visited with the chairs again, taking them out of their booth and sitting a spell.  Yes, they were comfy.  Mom joked:  "If the chairs are here the fourth time, they're coming home with us!"  
  And so it was:  on October 24th we found a great big upholstered chair and a great matching table for our Fox Hole room... and there were the chairs.  But timing is everything:  now they were only $40 a piece AND, in another booth, was a delicate table with the same color wood and the same burl wood grain!  We put the three together and it was an instant hit!  Wow!  

These three pieces now sit cozy in our Meadow Room's bay window, a perfect spot to read or sip tea with the breeze and bird song drifting through the windows.       

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