Nov 2, 2014

Our first Hallowe'en in Elora

Hope you had a Happy Hallowe'en! 

We had 39 trick-r-treaters on a wet, cool evening and enjoyed our first Hallowe'en in our new home!  Everyone was in such good spirits, the costumes were creative and fun and the wee ones were so cute!  And then... it snowed!  But just a little.

On November 1st, we invited our dead loved ones to enjoy their favorite treats and visit with us.  Hopefully they found the new home and enjoyed the dry warmth of the sun room.  We sure did, as I'm used to setting up our Day of the Dead altar outside, in the snowy cold air.  

I think the pumpkins turned out really nice this year too.  

And out on the street?  There were lots of decorations scattered about.  I think I'm going to enjoy the upcoming holidays and, you know, that thing in December, much more this year because we had a great Hallowe'en.  Here's to Elora!  

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