Nov 29, 2014

Santa has arrived!

The only thing missing was a Krampus!  

We just enjoyed the most beautiful Christmas parade I've ever witnessed from the balcony of our B&B!  We were planning to do this from the sun room, but it was a perfect night at just around the freezing mark, no wind and no rain or snow so we stood out on the balcony together, even Willow.  The parade lasted about 45 minutes and was gorgeous, with so much hard work and imagination!   This was super nice as we had friends over:  thank you Tammi, Darlene and sweet little Sebastian for making the night extra-special!

 Puppets Elora with their flying pig!  
              And a better photo courtesy of Bill Longshaw (thank you Annerose for sharing):

And at the end...


What an elegant float! And here's a short video of just the end of the parade, Santa passing by our place. (Sorry for the chatter, just enjoy the music.) (Thank you, Tammi, for filming!)

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  1. It was so lovely to both come visit your new B&B and take in the Elora Christmas parade with you!
    Thanks for having us!!