Feb 9, 2015

February Fun

We had wonderful fun continuing to furnish our Flying Leap Bed and Breakfast!  February happens to be a great month to pick up antiques as both the St. Jacobs Antiques Market and Market Road Antiques have winter sales.  We went last Tuesday and found some gems, here's the best of the loot:

I spotted these folding chairs back in September but at the time we had no idea if we had any use for them.  They're "Stakmore", stamped on the bottom of each seat, and from the 1940s, reupholstered but the curved wood backs and curved seat rails are gorgeous and they're comfy!   And they fold nearly flat!  On sale we got the set for $70.00; I'm happy they waited for me!  It looks like Stakmore has been making folding furniture since 1922.  Come sit on our lawn in one of these cool chairs!

This is a lovely 1950s-1960s rosewood Victorian side chair with a carved foliage crest, serpentine seat rail supports (per the hang tag) and there are massive springs in the seat.  At $56 it was a steal except that the upholstery on the seat is discolored.  This is going to be a project, to clean and then stain the white fabric with beet juice for a natural burgundy color and then it will be in our Fox Hole guest room.  
If anyone has any advice on using natural juices as dyes, I'd love to hear from you!  Thank you Sarah for the information on milk paints, available at Honeychurch Lane!

We needed a big picture to hang over the bed in our Meadow room and we both knew this was it when we laid eyes on it!  It isn't from an antiques market but from the St. Jacob's Furniture House.  
The red leaves pop and the frame is perfect for the room.  There's a stone house in the background where it's quite misty... you can imagine faeries or a dog running around back in that fog.  

Back to the antiques markets, Mom also fell in love with this framed watercolor signed "Dardarian Oct 1990".  It's very peaceful and again my favorite time of year.

And just the perfect little carved corner shelf called out to us!  Mounted in the Creature Comfort bathroom it's just right as a bubble-bath shelf!  How's that for indulgence?

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