Feb 15, 2015

Sweet Valentine's in Elora

It has been so crazy cold lately, it's making February a very rough, long month.  Tonight, -25C (that's -13F) with a stiff wind... 

Our kitchen window has been blessed with some marvelous frost but it's getting a little tiresome, not to mention hard on the nerves as our walks are reduced to 5-10 minute hurry-hurrys to get the job done and run back inside.  

These rats were a Hallowe'en gift from my sister and they're still in the window, only they look like they're about to run off to Florida!!

Still we has bold and intrepid guests who braved the weather and came to Elora for Valentines and we treated them to chocolates and I hand-dipped strawberries in dark chocolate so they'd know we love our guests!  

And finally I have my display corner set up pretty much the way I want it.  I love sharing my critters, so when you're here at the house, please feel free to visit with my creations and ask questions!  

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