Feb 1, 2015

It's all about holes

Over the past few months, we've been busy filling holes!  In our bedroom we filled a hole where a stove pipe had at one time served a stove in what was the schoolroom (the addition at the back of the house).

In our bathroom the wind whistled through the holes in the bare brick wall!  Brrr!!!  This bathroom/entryway is also an addition, and this wall was an outside wall before the1940s.  The part behind the mirror has a chimney space which backs onto the current kitchen; this chimney now works great for the range hood fan but the holes were very drafty!  Foam insulation solved the problem but the brick, handmade red stretcher brick, is crumbling and needs some kind of gentle sealer to preserve and keep the brick from turning into dust!  

This hole is a mystery!  It's in one of our rooms and probably was created when the forced air ducts were installed or the electrical was updated.  What to do with a huge hole in antique pine flooring?  Well, we found a floor grill at an antique market and screwed it down, removing any danger!  

And here's a neat find!  Our red parlour/dining room was a light green!  This would certainly have been a  brighter room, and still stayed with the Victorian decor.  Instead of going with the masculine red for the parlour, this would have embraced the feminine dining room with a gentle color.  In the meantime, this hole needs some putty and a dab of paint!

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