Mar 9, 2017

In transition

This time of year can be hard on the nerves, with the thermometer flip-flopping from maybe-it's-Spring to deep Winter, the dirty snow melting into mud, gravel on the lawns and lost recycling turning up in clumps under the crusty snow.  But there are visual wonders too, like spotting this gorgeous, algae-like frost on our concrete steps...

...and the first wee snowdrops pushing through with determination, and then surviving the temperature yo-yo!

And it's a good time to bake!  I almost think these almond croissant beauties look like Easter eggs!
We've had thunderstorms already, and +15C, while now we're going back to -11C... so we've covered the patches of tulip "thumbs" and hope to save them from ruin... Tuesday brought us a rainbow and this stunning sunset... wow.   So who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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