Mar 22, 2017

Shiny and bright!

Winter affords us the time to tackle small, niggley things like doors that don't close properly and wobble, and painted-over hardware.  This time we took on our parlour, entry, basement and bedroom doors... 

As you can see in the picture below, taking off a strike plate can reveal a surprise: a chewed out hole that needs wood filler. (Yes, the frame is pretty banged up too.)  Once the hole was cut clean and any loose wood glued in place, the position of the strike plate was checked and corrected and reattached... after a good cleaning, that is!  
Sadly, a lot of the hardware in this house was painted over.  Steel wool could only do so much, so paint remover had to be used.  This turned out to be quite exciting, for as the paint came off in chunks the decoration on the brass plates was revealed!  Wow!  

When you're here, take a moment to notice these lovely, little details!

Next up:  the parlour door!

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