Nov 11, 2011

baking Krampus

With the falling snow (where did all the leaves go?!), it's become evident that that other Holiday (you know, Christmas) is on its way. The older I get, the less I like Christmas. I am already sick of all the stuff in the stores and it's only November 11th!!! Seriously, can't they at least wait until after Remembrance Day?
Anyway, can't stop a train wreck, can you? So, what do I like about Christmas? I like baking, and last year we made Krampus cookies!!! Yesterday I hunted for a cookie cutter, but the only one I could find isn't very good, but I did find
instructions on how to make your own cutters, and sells a cookie cutter making kit, or even just the metal refills for the kit. Hmmm... I'm thinking maybe to create some Christmas joy I need to Hallowe'en it, with a little devilish mirth!

Here's a close-up of last year's creations, chocolate cookies with red sugar glitter horns, yellow mini-Smartie eyes and dried cranberry tongues. I used two shapes, a crescent moon and a heart, but it was slow going.

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