Nov 29, 2011

Instructions for an ark, anyone?

It's raining... non-stop. It's not helping with the lack-of-Christmas-spirit thing... plus the crazy people on the news have kinda fouled any headway I was making. (Pepper-spray? Really?!) What's happening with people, we are so messed up!

My single pumpkin sprout was joined by two new babies, that's rather wonder-full! So cute!

We did bake 3 kinds of cookies on the weekend, they turned out pretty great, but I think I need snow. Lots.

In more exciting and happy news, I just sent in my submission to Teddy Bear Review, as Stephanie Finnegan requested material for an article about "What are you doing in 2012?" It just so happened that I was discussing a collaboration with Tammi Beaulieu and so I was able to send Stephanie our plans to create something together! I really do need to re-focus and get back to making things, I've gone stale and need to find my passion again... Working with Tammi is definitely going to help as my lady bear will need to be awesome enough to be paired with one of her dragons!!!

And by the way: 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, and, according to the Chinese Calendar, rats play nicely with dragons...

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