Nov 21, 2011

To you, they're Brandy Crisps...

Today I came across this, in the November issue of "Taste of Home" magazine. Wow, and they don't sound too difficult. The brandy in the cream should make them quite decadent... We're going to make a batch for Christmas.

And of course, you see the Hallowe'en potential!? Fried toad flesh maybe? Tint the cream green (with spinach powder) or red, maybe add some berries or raisins for gut bits and it'll look awesome!


  1. Maybe you can solve the mystery: I tried this recipe and it doesn't work, the concoction is too thick. I tried thinning it with milk: no good. So if you know what's missing, please post it here!

  2. Found a different version of this recipe at (and in the comments someone noted corn syrup can be used instead of golden syrup). Hopefully this one will work out better!