Mar 14, 2012

Fall in light, fall in light...

I was going through a pile of old correspondence that I had (before email changed our lives) with a number of Teddy artists and I was then looking them up online to see if they were still into soft sculpture and... they're dead. Mary Bures and Jean P. Armes (although I'm not completely certain about Jean, are you out there?) are, according to the web, dead from cancer. Not to forget Millie Gage and Charleen Kinser, probably the artist I admired most of all. Lorna Dee Johnson and Janice Comito are also nowhere to be found. Then I'm looking for a piece of music, the theme from the TV series "Dead Zone" and the musician, Jeff Buckley, is also dead. I'm feeling a little lost, alone and left behind.
March 2nd:  snowdrops erupting through the snow.  All the snow is gone now, far too early... I predict a wild Spring.

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