Mar 29, 2012

Willow the Wonder Pup, Part 2

On Tuesday it was once again time to cut Willow's nails. And once again I prepared her for the event, telling her in advance that on Tuesday we would cut her nails. I reminded her every 2nd day or so for a week, although I didn't do as much visualizing.
On the day, after our walk, I didn't remove the leash and led her into the house instead. She had to wait a few minutes for me and when I told her we would be cutting her nails she did not run and hide under the coffee table! Wow, I thought, is this magic really going to work again?
Well, I took out the clippers and showed her her reward for cooperating and then started to do the back legs. Not so good, she fought me by trying to escape. Mom stepped in and took hold of her front end and this way I was able to do the back paws. Once the first leg was 1/2 done it went much smoother, she let me cut from that point on. In fact, once we switched to the front legs it was smooth sailing (okay, as smooth as possible, Mom still had to hold her firmly). The front paws were done in no time flat with no panic or flaying limbs! What a joy!

And what was her reward? A super huge, yummy, yogurt-dipped and decorated, all natural Barkery, "cannoli"! Yes, it is as big as a saucer! And she enjoyed it the way only a dog can!

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